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Fee Schedule:


New Patient Adult (up to 90 min):  $185

New Patient Pediatric (up to 60 min): $120


Follow Up Adult up to 30 min $85

Follow Up Pediatric up to 30 min $55

*Extended appointments may be available upon request for an additional cost.  

**Supplements not included 


At NDCIW we are a cash practice meaning we do not accept insurance.  All payments are expected at the time of service.  


Why don't we accept insurance?

We don't accept insurance for a variety of reasons-Namely we are holistic medicine focused and here for you, to do what is necessary not what is covered or reimbursed.  Nowadays countless hours are spent trying to satisfy the insurance company which means less focus on you and more trying to jump through hoops.  By removing this factor it becomes a patient focused model aimed at getting you well.  


A model that focuses on wellness vs illness is not covered by insurance because they only believe  the conventional method of dealing with things ie drugs and surgery so talking about lifestyle, digestive health, mind-body medicine and other chiropractic/naturopathic modalities are considered non-covered services by most.  


Lastly, many times after a patient changes so much to get healthy they find their symptoms significantly better if not totally resolved however once labeled with certain conditions that label remains even without justification-you are a person not a label!! 



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