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Imagine if you will a scale. 


On one side you add all the negative factors to your body- chemicals, stress, wifi, processed food, food sensitivities, emotions, poor posture, lack of movement, dehydration, lack of food, etc

on the other side you add all the positive or things that benefit/support your body- water, vegetables, in season fruits, 6-8 hours of good sleep, self-care, chiropractic, supplements, mind-body therapies, movement, etc

When the negatives outweigh the positives then symptoms begin to develop. When they are equal we aren't getting worse but not necessarily getting better either..standstill.  When the positives outweigh the negatives the body BEGINS to heal.  Some will do this faster based on constitution and or length of time out of balance.  The key is the body has to stay in a "net positive" place to heal and repair;  Bouncing back and fourth between net positive and net negative will result in a much slower road and may even allow for new ones to develop as the body attempts to deal with the factors imposed.  

Think of it like this...if you step on a nail and puncture your foot there's damage you don't take Tylenol for the pain and not take the nail out, however, once the nail is removed (the cause of the foot pain in this example) the foot still needs time to heal....this is your body meaning you make life style changes, get adjusted, and take your supplements why do you still feel like X....well your body has to repair from when you weren't doing those doesn't mean quit after 3 weeks esp if you did that other stuff for 15's working it just takes time!   

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