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Dr. Jordan Bray is a holistic physician trained in Chiropractic & Naturopathic Medicine.  During his course of study to obtain both respected doctoral degrees, Dr. Jordan spent many hours outside of school obtaining additional training and certifications. He is certified and proficient in Applied Kinesiology and utilizes it as the base of his work to balance the structural, biochemical and emotional aspects of the patient. Additionally, he integrates his knowledge in the areas of botanical medicine, nutrition, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, physical medicine, lifestyle counseling, & much more.  While in school Dr. Jordan discovered a second calling for teaching and taught as an assistant for both the basic & clinical science departments at National University in Lombard, IL.  This passion remains post-graduation where in addition to his private practice in Troy, Ohio, he enjoys serving as an adjunct faculty member at the local community college teaching Nutrition, Chemistry and Anatomy/Physiology. He also teaches seminars to other health professionals including CRA (Contact Reflex Analysis). When Dr. Jordan isn’t in the office or off teaching he enjoys spending

time with friends and family as well as serving the community.


• Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine 2015 

• Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine 2013 
• Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences 2010 



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